Benefits: Whitening & Lightening dark spot
Duration: 120 mins

1st Trial price $99

Treatment Fee: $128/session
Purchase 5 sessions discount 15%, purchase 10 sessions discount 25% (Able to share)           

Using ultrasonic that aims to give the skin look younger-looking appearance and Vitamin C and arbutin, to lighten and brighten the skin. educes dullness and other damage due to the sun, and promotes an even-toned complexion. Lightens freckles, pigmentation, dark spots and reduces melanin (skin pigment) production. It makes your skin feel softer, more supple and well-hydrated.

Appointment is required 1 day in advance
Mon – Sat 10.30am – 09.00pm
Sun 10.30am – 03.00pm

Lebellbrow Studio

9 King Albert Park, KAP MALL #02-03 S’598332 Singapore

Call/SMS/WhatsApp: 96916050

+65 96916050

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September 2, 2020
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