3D Hairline

What is 3D Hairline?

3D Hair Strokes is 100% MICROBLADING. This permanent makeup technique is used to enhance the hairline to look like natural hairs-line. The results are hair-like strokes that will look natural and blend well. In a few short hours we can give you the brows you’ve always dreamed of!

This is to help people who have high level and wide of forehead to make the forehead become smaller and also give the V-Shape of the face frame.

We will match with our pigment with your hair color that give natural look at end results.

Procedure: 3 hours | Lasting: 1-3 years

Nano Pigment from USA

$688 – $888 (depends on area) inclusive of 1 touch up valid for 4 months and after care gel.

Step 1: Analysis

Step 2: Apply anesthetic cream and wrap for 45 mins

Step 3: Design the shape and draw the outline shape as per customer desired 

Step 4: Micro-blading procedure (Stroke by stroke)

Step 5: Color Masking

Step 6: Completed

More Photo of our 3D Hairline works

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July 10, 2019
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